Suacoin mining

Everything you need to know

Do you have graphic card (GPU) or old ASIC SHA-256 compatible equipment without any use?

Why not mine an easy Proof-of-work (POW) cryptocurrency that is poised to have a very big valuation?

Attention! SHA-256 only until block 500k after only Blake3 will be used.

Even without these, when difficulty is temporarily low, you can still mine with CPU as a beginner.

We will explain here how to do it! It's easy 5 minutes reading.



Before you can mine, you need to install a Suacoin wallet. If you are using Windows or MacOSX download the corresponding wallet:



You can't mine with iOS or Android wallets.

Install the Wallet and then open Suacoin Wallet. Once you open you should see a window like following image.


The wallet will start trying to synchronize all the blocks. It starts with 0 blocks and it sync until the latest block.

1. CPU Mining (Beginner)

Now go to the App Menu -> Help -> Debug Window.


And a Window as the following picture should show up:

debug window

In the above window you can see how many blocks were synchronized and the date of last block. Now click on console tab. And should see as bellow:


Here you can type commands. Let's start with first command called getmininginfo:


Write getmininginfo and type enter. It will tell you the number of blocks (same as in Debug Window), the current difficulty of mining, and if generate is false that means your wallet is not mining.

Now second command called setgenerate:

setgenerate true

You can use this to start or stop mining. To start mining type: setgenerate true 16

setgenerate false

To stop mining type: setgenerate false. To find out if you are mining, type getmininginfo if says generate false (not mining), true (mining)

getmininginfo true

Leave the software mining for as long as you want. Please note when mining your computer uses more CPU and might be slower and less responsive. Also mining costs electricity. Now you understand Suacoins don't exist out of thin air. They need to be mined.

Before you start mining, check the current difficulty to see if it's bellow 50. If above, CPU Mining is not a feasible way to mine suacoins, in that case better use a GPU or ASIC.

Once you manage to mine a block you will see 50 Coins in your Unconfirmed balance. It will be available in your Available Balance once there are 128 new blocks after the block where you mined.

2. GPU Mining (Advanced)

Mining cryptos takes a lot of computer power. Your PC will have to make thousands of computations to confirm transactions fast enough.

CPU Mining with your desktop machine is too slow. Worse, it could overheat and damage your PC. Instead, miners often perform GPU Mining that uses graphics cards.


Video game enthusiasts use these to play the latest games. Due to crypto mining, gamers ran out of NVidia graphics cards recently.

You need to obtain a software CGminer to mine with GPUs.

If you are using windows, download this pre-compiled CGminer for Suacoin.

3. ASIC Mining (Expert)

If you don't have a GPU then the best option is ASIC hardware.

You can buy online on ebay and other portals an used equipment for SHA256 mining (same as Bitcoin) for less than $100.


You need to obtain a software CGminer to mine with ASIC hardware.

If you are using windows, download this pre-compiled CGminer for Suacoin.

Happy mining!